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Sip n' Match Coaching

Empowering Women and Men in Dating, Relationships, and Families


LaToya always felt the need to help others. While hosting Single, Sassy, and Sipping podcast, a few women and men who wanted a little guidance reached out to her.

That’s when LaToya realized that she wanted to do more than help women and men date. She wanted to empower them and give them guidance beyond dating.  


While exploring the world of dating, she felt there was a need not being met. She realized a lot of women and men didn’t understand that happiness and love starts with yourself. She wanted to make sure that the people she would be helping were happy with themselves first, in all aspects of their lives.  


Outside of personal and educational experiences, LaToya decided to further her education and become certified as a Life Coach. 


LaToya is now offering services to help you become a better you.  If you have questions or need advice about dating, relationships, or your family, contact LaToya today.

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