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Come join LaToya L. and Master Psychic Rachel discuss Quarantine Bae: The Final Chapter. Let's sip and talk!
Feb 13, 2022, 2:00 PM
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CEO/Life Coach

LaToya is the creator and owner of Sip n’ Match Events. After going back to the dating scene in Atlanta, LaToya realized how awkward it could be, and that finding a true soulmate was like finding a rose in the forest. 


Sip n’ Match Events was created to make dating in Atlanta fun and exciting!

Sip n’ Match Events caters to the single men and women of Atlanta, Ga, who are looking for that special someone or a new friend. What if you could skip the cumbersome wasted time in a date, and go straight to the commonalities and fun? 

What if you could get past the awkwardness through planned questions, and genuinely get to know a person and more importantly, their character? 

All of these were the questions that led LaToya to step outside of her comfort zone and help others do the same. 

LaToya wants to help her fellow Atlanta singles find love in a unique and exciting way. Sip n’ Match Events includes; speed dating, meet and greets, drink mixtures, and so much more. 

At each Sip n’ Match event, our goal is to help you meet someone new, without all of the stress.

After leaving a Sip n’ Match Event, you will be more in tune with who you are and what you want in a mate. 

Get your single friends together and Sip n’ Mingle with Atlanta’s hottest singles!

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